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Min Dai is an editor, post-production supervisor and producer. She has been working in film and television in NYC/ LA/ Beijing for the past nine years, specializing in post-production. Her favorite film is "Ghost World" directed by Terry Zwigoff. She lives in Brooklyn happily with her friends and colleagues but misses her family in China from time to time.


She was the post-production supervisor for the Academy Award nominated director Ramin Bahrani (The White Tiger), on his feature documentary "2nd Chance," and the Netflix documentary series "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey," directed by Emmy nominated director Rachel Dretzin (Who Killed Malcolm X). "2nd Chance" premiered at Sundance 2022 and has been acquired by Showtime, releasing in spring 2023. "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey '' has received critically acclaimed reviews from around the world while reaching 720 million minutes views all around the world as of August 2022. She is currently working with Emmy Winning director John Maggio (Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis), on his feature documentary "Year One: A Political Odyssey" (HBOMAX). A film about president Joe Biden's first year of presidency. Min is currently slated to run Post-Production for Vespucci Group on their upcoming documentary projects in 2023.


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