Travels with Darley Television Series

Travels with Darley follows five-time Daytime Emmy nominated TV host Darley Newman, the longtime host and creator of the popular Equitrekking series, as she travels with locals in beautiful and awe-inspiring locations to experience great culture, cities, festivals, cuisine, nature, art, music, history, and adventure. Each episode introduces viewers to diverse cultures and traditions and what makes each location truly unique. Darley’s on-camera local counterparts are the true stars of each episode, as they lead Darley through their world.

THE SWITCH Television Series

Directed by Emmanuel Sapolsky
The Switch is a 10 episodes mocumentary comedy series starring Mexican social media phenomenon, Yoseline Hoffman, most well known for her YosStoP and JuStYosS YouTube channels. Her main channel has earned her more than 7 million subscribers, and her second channel has brought in another 2.5 million. Xin Wang, actor and producer, known for hit Chinese internet series Ex-Model (2014), The Eye of Silence (2016) and Monica's List.
Season premiered on 4K Channel June 2018.

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X-FIRE The Four

Teaser video of Team Lee for the final competition of the national hit television reality star making show "X-FIRE" 

Aired on Zhejiang TV (浙江卫视)on Feburary 6, 2016 

Edited with Premiere Pro CS6