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Drama,  14mins
Directed by Zoe Salicrup Junco
When a young undocumented mother takes a risk to provide for her daughter, a stranger turns her transgression into a nightmare.
Premiering on HBO summer 2019.


Feature Drama,  90mins
Directed by Oday Rasheed 
A young recluse meets a woman for the first time when three lost hikers impose themselves onto his isolated existence.
Completed 2017.
Feature Sci-Fi/ Drama/ Rated G,  104mins
Directed by King Zhang
A fairy comes to earth to look for the greatest kids to help safe her dying planet, Valentine. During this trip she learns that sometimes greatenesses cannot be compared.
In theaters Oct. 14, 2017

The Great guys


Directed by Victor Martin

Runtime: 23min

'Eggman' is the tale of an unlikely bond that develops between a hard-working Mexican immigrant (Santos) and a 12 year old inner-city black kid (James).


Best Film at Pasadena International Film Festival, Viño De Oro Fresno International Film Festival


Directed by Yun Zhong

Runtime: 20min


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